“Even after 6 years of living in the house Ryann and his team built, we still marvel at how beautiful and solid it is. Friends often ask about upgrades we’ve had done, and are then astonished to hear that these are the choices the builder made! Ryann’s attention to detail and focus on craftsmanship shine through in his impeccable work. His work is exceptional, and he doesn’t cut corners or skimp on materials. His team is professional, courteous, and dependable. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

 -Maya Lang

Seattle, WA

“Thanks so much for taking care of me and my home.  I am very impressed with your company and the professionalism and will recommend you to anyone who is looking for assistance.  We will definitely give you a call when we are ready to start phase 2 of the remodel.”

 Best regards,

Connie Aylett, CMA


“These guys are great.

I am new to Seattle, and you never know what type of service you’re going to get.  The guys that came were timely, polite, courteous, and professional.

Many thanks to Ryann and his team for taking pride in their work.”

-Sara Connels

West Seattle, WA

“I want to say one thing… Chad was great in the tear down…. Gary the plumber was great, did great work and everything…

Alex – the tiler – is just F’ing amazing… the floor is turning out GREAT… he is working on shower now and that is looking fantastic also… I am just overwhelmed with excitement…

Your crew is great both in craftsmanship and personality.

More than likely I think in a few months I may just do my other bathroom also…. Will have to save up for it like I saved up for doing this one….

Once again… don’t know how many customers send you thank you’s or compliments…. I know I just wanted to.

Thanks once again.”

-Gary Magdon

Issaquah, WA

“I must say I am VERY happy with the pantry!  Please tell your crew that they put on a fabulous display of craftsmanship.  Also, thank you for protecting the rest of the house…..I know it was super tight working conditions.

Thank You!”

-Anthony Veiga

Seattle, WA

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